Risk Engineering & Risk Management

Risk engineering division focuses on risk reduction to personnel, assets and environment in the process industry. It is also applicable to other facilities that consume hazardous substances or work under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.
Any risk has to be reduced down to a level that is below the formal acceptance level, determined by legislation, and is acceptable according to the internal policy of the organization.
We provide a variety of services to help the organization to achieve the required level of risk reduction in the following fields:

  • Identification of failure mode and failure scenarios
  • Quantitative, qualitative, or semi-quantitative assessment of the probability of occurrence of the unwanted scenario
  • Damage and consequences assessment followed by risk assessment
  • Analysis of existing safeguards and protection layers, level of completion (and incompletion), effectiveness, redundancy analysis and more.
  • Completion of existing protection layers and addition of more safeguards and barriers to get the required protection level.
  • Presentation of the findings and conclusions, and recommendations based on the ALARP and proportionality principals

The list of services we offer include:

  • What-if
  • QRA
  • Consequences risk assessment
  • FTA
  • SIL-Analysis
  • Hazardous area classification
  • LOPA
  • Bow-tie
  • Inspection, audits, mechanical integrity assessments and more
  • JSA

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